It does more for you.

Creativity, boldness and respect for you.

These are the pillars of a history of achievements and success, and they do, since 1962, that Fioreta Appliances reaches home of thousands of Brazilians.

Marked by the pioneering its founder, Fiorindo Torrezan, Fioreta has started its activities with an innovative proposal: standing alongside women, offering them efficient and economical products. Moreover, we succeeded. Today, after four decades of its founding, Fioreta is the favorite brand of consumers seeking quality for home appliances at a fair value.

Since its inauguration, there are many technological advancements incorporated into the manufacture of its products and day-by-day used by a capable team to develop special projects and integrate them into a diverse line of washing machines and air circulators.

Social Responsibility

Fioreta Appliances believes in the future and know that it is everyone's responsibility to fight for a better world.

That is why, we have been supporting Association of Rehabilitation Children of Limeira, ARIL, for 05 years, an entity capable of preserving the dreams of countless children and adolescents with physical and mental disabilities and reintegrating them into society, awakening talents and cultivating smiles.

In addition, through an agreement signed with APAE, Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional - Fioreta trains and hires many people with special needs.

To participate in these projects is for Fioreta Appliances, more than a simple act of social responsibility. You feel the gratification of receiving in return the affection and friendship of entities and have the obligation to thank your customers, directly responsible for these acts.

Learn more about the work of these entities by websites below:


Accessibility is an expression that is increasingly gaining ground in our daily lives. For the disabled, this is not only a word but a door that opens to new possibilities, because through it these people have access to products, services and information before they would be limited.

We can notice the growth of accessibility everywhere, from the ramps on sidewalks and establishments, adapted buses and also in information technology tools that help people with disabilities to access the computer and surfing the internet.

Fioreta is concerned about the welfare of all customers, brings on your website accessibility tools that get easy access for people with disabilities.